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Cynnsational Beauty
Cynn Ashley, Owner and Operator 

Cynnsational Beauty (c. 2020) was born from a need to have natural products, with so many harmful and toxic chemicals in the products we consistently use. Our brand has everything from household essentials to bath and body needs. Our candles and wax melts are made from 100% soy wax; products that requires wicks use hemp wicks. Unlike most soaps that you use see in the stores, our soaps do not contain lye, which can be harsh on the skin. Using either an oatmeal, shea, olive oil, or honey base, our soaps are two times larger than generic bars and only use natural and essentials oil. All products featured are 100% natural and handmade, but also cynnsational to use!

Cynn Ashley

Elementary Education, K-5 B.A.

Urban and Community Education, M.Ed.

Curriculum & Instruction. GCUCE

Doctoral Student

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